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Hi there! I'm Robert.

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I'm the founder, designer, developer and customer support of Nomad Coder.

I work full-time as a Java tech lead, and build SaaS apps in my free time. I'm based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

A few years ago, I've got into web scraping. I wanted to buy a good laptop that I could rely on to build my side projects (ended up with a HP ProBook 4540s). As I was comparing the prices of laptops on several e-commerce sites, I wondered if I could somehow automate all this. I did some research and found that there is an entire web scraping industry with many use cases such as price monitoring, data aggregation, lead generation, training AI models, and so on.

That's when I started building a web scraping platform called DataGrab, which aims to be a no-code tool for setting up and managing web scrapers. The no-code movement is on the rise after all. :)

Why I built Nomad Coder

I wanted to create a spin-off product of DataGrab, a case study for understanding what it takes to scrape sites at scale. I just needed a use case that is relevant today.

The outbreak of COVID-19 prompted many employers to adopt a remote work model. This resulted in a gazillion of remote job openings.

I decided to aggregate some of these and clean up and enrich the data (parse salary information, detect the experience levels required from job offers, many more to come), so fellow programmers can find the most relevant remote job offers easily...and Nomad Coder was born.

I'm constantly developing it so expect new stuff to pop up frequently. ;)

Let's connect!

If you found your dream job using this site or have some ideas on what I could improve, I'd be thrilled to hear them!

Connect with me via Twitter, LinkedIn or email.